Movement. Science. Education. 

Are you ready to take a quantum leap beyond repertoire to the next level of movement knowledge?  Move beyond the lens of your discipline(s), whether it’s yoga, Pilates or personal training. Increase your teaching sophistication and become biomechanically brilliant!

This 3-day continuing education course is open to all movement teachers to advance your understanding of biomechanics and kinesiology, methodically approach common pathologies, and to embrace critical thinking skills for movement strategies to attract a broader client base.

Blending lecture and movement each day, by the end of the module you will gain:

-A clarifying, unintimidating distillation of biomechanic and kinesiologic concepts that will refresh and refine your private session, classes, workshops and retreats, no matter what discipline(s) you teach

-Practical and reliable reasoning tools applied to case studies of common conditions – no more trial and error to see what works 

-A comprehensive understanding of the science beneath common pathologies so that you can effortlessly strategize for your clients’ and students’ specific needs.

- Deeper ability to recognize motor control patterns and how injuries or pathologies might interfere with posture and functional daily movement, including gait analysis

- Greater comprehension of nerve signaling and pain communication for clients with chronic, neurologic-based conditions and how to effectively work with them


Day 1: Spine and Trunk

Day 2: Upper Extremity

Day 3: Lower Extremity


$499 regular price/$399 early bird


Trail Guide to Movement: Building the Body in Motion by Andrew Biel

ISBN-13: 978-0991466627

ISBN-10: 0991466624

Attendees qualify for 18 continuing education contact hours with Yoga Alliance and 1.8 CECs with ACE.



October 27-29 12-7pm daily

Yoga House

11 W. State Street

Pasadena, CA



December 8-10 Fri 9.30-5pm Sat/Sun 10-5pm

Om Factory

265 W. 37th Street

17th Floor

New York, NY 10018



"The way you delivered the material was in such a non-intimidating, extremely personable way. I love the spaciousness of the manual. There was no spoon feeding at all. My big gain from QL is this:  I feel like I’m just beginning to see the people’s bodies and the amazing range and complexity and variety in the room. So that’s kind of freaking me out too! I was blind and now I can sort of see the people in front of me. That’s a great gift."

- Chadd Schaefer, owner, Body Temp Renew, San Francisco


"You know how polkadots are really popular right now? So is intelligent teaching. If you are a movement professional, and want to up your game, the Quantum Leap training is a must for you. Sarah Court is an incredible teacher. She is kind, smart,  fun, and she has a magical way of making complicated, scientific information meaningful, applicable, and downright interesting. Every time I learn something new, I'm grateful, of course.  But this weekend of Quantum Leap is exactly that.  A quantum leap forward for you, your education, and, therefore, your clients.  Keep on learning, and keep on learning from super smart people like Sarah Court."

- Terry Littlefield, RYT, Yoga Tune Up® Teacher


"I took this in LA and it was PHENOMENAL! Sarah is a top notch teacher and knows how to make biomechanics and kinesiology easy to understand AND applicable to what you teach. DON'T MISS IT!"

- Trina Altman, PMA-CPT, Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Trainer


"As a movement teacher (yoga and Yoga Tune Up®) I cannot recommend Quantum Leap strongly enough! I have attended numerous anatomy trainings, all of which have helped me build my knowledge and expertise, but none has addressed the actual issues that come up in the context of a class as well as Quantum Leap. With the perfect balance of didactic training, case studies and hands on activities, this training increased my ability to respond to common movement dysfunctions and injuries that show up in classes that were previously pretty scary. Sarah uses her extensive background as a yoga and Yoga Tune Up® teacher coupled with the advanced education from graduate studies in Physical Therapy to make this course accessible yet challenging. Quantum Leap pushed me to be a better teacher! In addition, I routinely use the information I learned to inform my work as a clinical psychologist. Quantum Leap has helped me be able to identify issues that need additional medical attention and refer these patients out more appropriately. This training helped me up my game and I recommend it to any movement professional!"
-Elise Gibney, RYT, Yoga Tune Up@ teacher, Trauma Sensitive Yoga certified, Ph.D, Licensed Clinical Psychologist