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Mea Culpa

This is what happens when you edit and write for one blog, and then agree to submit twice monthly articles to another blog. The blog that you started more than a year ago when you didn't know if anyone was listening and you just had to get some stuff out - i.e., this blog here that you're reading right now, gets relegated to the status of the once loved family dog that is now an afterthought ever since proper children arrived.

This blog is not an afterthought. This blog is my firstborn. Well, technically, this blog is my firstborn, but let's not split hairs. Suffice to say: I am writing things. They will go up. On this blog here. When will that happen? That is an excellent question. In the meantime: I have not forgotten you, my three blog readers. Funny things have happened. You will be reading about them soon. If you would rather not be checking the blog to see if I've done it, you can subscribe over on the right and you'll get an email from me when it's happened.

Thank you for reading along. There are more of you than I ever thought there would be. I haven't forgotten you!!